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Composite worktop cleaner

BERDY COMPONET is a cleaning paste with which, locally, stubborn stains can be scrubbed away from


Grease remover for all materials

BERDY DEGREASE is a very strong universal degreaser that can be used for many applications.


Highly concentrated window cleaner

BERDY GLAS-NET is a super powerful window cleaner for both indoor and outdoor use.


Joint cleaner

BERDY INBETWEEN is a strong joint cleaner that thoroughly removes stubborn contamination on the j


Stainless steel cleaner

INOX CLEANER is a stainless steel cleaner in spray can.


Limescale remover

BERDY SANI-KAL removes limescale, soap residue and black stains on joints, tiles and countertops.


Sanitary cleaner for all materials

BERDY SANIGLANS effortlessly removes bath oil residues, soap residue, skin grease and limescale o


Worktop cleaner

BERDY STONY worktop cleaner cleans, degreases and protects porous m


Extremely powerful toilet cleaner

BERDY WC CLEANER is an acidic product and effortlessly removes all rust, limescale and other cont

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