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Professional cleaning paste

BERDY CARIX is a professional cleaning paste with which all kinds of persistant stains can be san


Cement veil remover for all kinds of natural stone

BERDY CENA effortlessly removes cement residues, efflorescence, rust and lime.


Concentrated maintenance cleaner

BERDY CERASOL is a non-nourishing maintenance cleaner for non-porous surfaces such as ceramic til


Intensive cleaner for all natural stone

BERDY CLEAN PLUS intensively cleans porous substrates (natural stone and concrete floors).


Composite worktop cleaner

BERDY COMPONET is a cleaning paste with which, locally, stubborn stains can be scrubbed away from


Grease remover for all materials

BERDY DEGREASE is a very strong universal degreaser that can be used for many applications.


Epoxy remover

BERDY EX-POXY is a cleaning paste with which, locally, remnants of epoxy and epoxy resin filler c


Strong degreasing maintenance cleaner

BERDY FLEUR is a strong degreasing maintenance product that is low foaming.


Nourishing soap + shine renewal

BERDY FLOOR ENERGY is the most complete and therefore the ideal floor soap for all natural stone.


Highly concentrated window cleaner

BERDY GLAS-NET is a super powerful window cleaner for both indoor and outdoor use.


Green remover

BERDY GREEN FREE is an organic product that removes green deposits from all surfaces for a long t


Stain stop

BERDY IM-PREGNA PLUS is a protective impregnation agent for all porous surfaces such as natural s

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3-step approach ceramic tiles

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