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This is how you keep your ceramic floor beautiful for years

How do you clean your new floor tiles and ensure they maintain their appearance? It’s important to start immediately with the right products.

Here, oil-based/nourishing products are out of the question!

We’ll list them for you.

The Perfect Ceramic Floor

Have you installed or had ceramic tiles installed? A good choice! Of all types of tile floors, ceramic floors are the most maintenance-friendly. That is, if you use the right cleaning products. Below you’ll find a step-by-step plan and discover the products you should use after installing a new ceramic tile floor. But how do you remove cement residue? What is the best way to maintain ceramic tiles? Which products prevent a film layer on your floor?

p803 1L

1. Removing Cement Residue - P803

When grouting your new ceramic floor tiles, residues of grout may remain on your tiles. These white spots, also known as grout haze, can significantly detract from the appearance of your floor. Use the grout haze remover in the correct ratio, and wait for about 2 to 3 weeks after grouting before cleaning. By then, the grout will have cured, and it won’t come loose anymore.

Watch this video to learn how to proceed.

More information about P803, the grout haze remover for ceramic tiles
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2. Intensive Floor Tile Cleaning - Intens Clean

Once you’ve removed the grout haze from your ceramic floor tiles, it’s best to clean your floor with an intensive cleaner. This cleaner can also remove footprints, streaks, or other greasy stains (caused by using the wrong products). However, it’s important to use the correct dosage.

Watch this video to learn how to proceed.


More information about Intens Clean, the intensive cleaner for ceramic tiles
Cerasol 1L

3. Daily Maintenance of Ceramic Tiles - Cerasol

If your floor is thoroughly clean, you can use a concentrated maintenance cleaner to clean your tiles. This is a strongly degreasing maintenance cleaner that helps preserve the beautiful appearance of your floor. Ideal for daily maintenance. A well-maintained ceramic tile doesn’t need too many products. It’s better to use too little than too much.

Watch this video to learn how to proceed.

Is je vloer optimaal schoon, dan kun je je tegels schoonmaken met een geconcentreerde onderhoudsreiniger. Dit is een sterk ontvettende onderhoudsreiniger die ervoor zorgt dat de mooie uitstraling van je vloer behouden wordt. Ideaal voor het dagelijkse onderhoud. Een goed onderhouden keramische tegel behoeft niet té veel producten. Beter te weinig dan teveel is de boodschap.

Ontdek in deze video hoe je te werk gaat.

More information about Cerasol, the maintenance cleaner for ceramic tiles

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